Atlanta Grind Productions, LLC is a small record label and tour van rental company that specializes in unique rock, metal, punk bands. Founded in 2015 by a group (one dude and his imaginary friends) of passionate musicians and industry professionals, Atlanta Grind Productions is committed to supporting the most cutting-edge and underground artists in the metal, hardcore, and punk scenes. With a focus on quality over quantity, the label prides itself on working closely with its roster of bands to help them achieve their artistic visions while also providing opportunities for growth and exposure. In addition to its record label services, Atlanta Grind Productions also offers affordable and reliable tour van rentals to make life on the road a little easier for touring musicians. Whether you’re a fan of blistering grindcore, bone-crushing death metal, gutter-al dbeats, or a hollowed blackened existence, Atlanta Grind Productions is here to help you get your fix.

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